Darling Gift Set

Darling Gift Set

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Yarbs & Roots Darling Gift Set brings a delicate balance between relaxation and revitalization. The Bath Teas and Body Lotion are botanical companion products designed to leave the skin feeling renewed. Bath Teas is made with softening botanicals and penetrating minerals to relax the body while revitalizing the skin back to health. The Body Lotion is a special blend of botanicals and oils to moisturize and freshen the body. Notice the cheerfully grounded feeling you have after pampering your skin with our Bath Teas and Body Lotion.

Select one of our unique botanical Body Lotions to go with the Bath Teas.

Brio Gift Set: 

  • Two Bath Teas 
  • 1 botanical lotion 
  • Gift Tag

Tea Bath: Add to warm water and soak. For best results soak for 20 mins.
Ingredients: *Lavender, *Plantain, *Rosemary, *Witch Hazel, Magnesium Chloride, Dead Sea Salt, Bergamot Essential oil. *Organic

Body Lotions: Apply all over the body as desired after bath.
Ingredients: Nothing but pure goodness (see specific lotion in Skin Care).


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