About Us


Our Mission

Yarbs & Roots produces high-quality hair and skin care products to enrich the lifestyles of our diverse customers. All Yarbs & Roots products are made with botanicals and carefully crafted with distinctive blends of natural and organic ingredients. We are dedicated to preserving the environment and take pride in producing products using sustainable practices. We encourage our customers to celebrate their unique hair and skin care needs by using our products while making environmentally-conscious purchases. 


Standing in Solidarity

Here at Yarbs & Roots we stand in solidarity with those who are fighting for social justice and accountability. As a conscientious business, we will continue to support a diverse community, with an emphasis on uplifting people of color. During these trying times and beyond, Yarbs & Roots vows to take action and operate from a place of love. 


Yarbs & Roots ~ "It's not just beauty care, it's a way of life.”