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Our Mission

Yarbs & Roots produces high-quality hair and skin care products to enrich the lifestyles of our diverse customers. All Yarbs & Roots products are made with botanicals and carefully crafted with distinctive blends of natural and organic ingredients. Dedicated to preserving the environment, we pridefully produce products using sustainable practices. We encourage our customers to celebrate their unique hair and skin care needs by using our products while making environmentally-conscious purchases. 


Meet the Owner 

 I was raised in a family that cares deeply about where their food came from and shared an interest in natural home remedies, particularly with body care products. Childhood memories of experimenting with my mother making hair and skin masks inspired me to begin creating products for my family. 

Our family ranges from having thick, curly hair to straight, fine hair; we have dark and light complexions; and our skin types include sensitive baby skin, teenage acne-prone skin, and rough weather-damaged skin. So, in 2006, I began to create hair and body care products from pure, natural ingredients. 

My longstanding interest and education in nutrition, herbalism, and body care, combined with my experience as a doula, has allowed me to create products that my family, friends, and community have enjoyed for over a decade. I am excited to continue sharing these products with you as well and invite you to join the Yarbs & Roots community.




Yarbs & Roots ~ "It's not just beauty care, it's a way of life.” 

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